I love organizing things.

No, really! I do.

It’s the whole keeping them organized part that I’m terrible about.

Nevertheless, this is the system we’re starting out with. It has been a hit over at the Well Trained Mind Forums, and when the hive mind, as they call it, takes to something that hard, it’s best to sit up and pay attention. I’m trying to get better about listening to communal wisdom before I strike out on my own.

So I spent a lot of today ripping pages out of all our shiny new consumable books (Eep! Very hard for me. I am not a book ripper) and filing them in the appropriate weekly folder. So far I’ve got Marky’s math and Colin’s math, Latin and history all separated out and filed. I’m working on getting the science pages and supplies together. It’s been pretty exciting, not only because I like organizing, but because I’m getting a pretty detailed overview of what to expect. First grade is fun! The prospect of sharing all these goodies with Colin and Marky is pleasant indeed.


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One response to “Organimazation

  • Jeni

    I love this idea; I have read so many suggestions for just this type of organization. In our school calendar, we have many partial-weeks of school. I wonder if/how I could adapt the system to work for that?

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