A History Narration

The following is Colin’s narration after we read page 113 of the Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History. Colin’s answers to my questions are in boldface.

How did there come to be kings in Sumer?


Was there always a king at first?

No. Back in ancient times kings used to be only allowed to rule until a war was done.

Who ruled during peacetime?

Groups of noblemen ruled during peacetime.

Where did Sargon come from?

Sargon came from a city whose name I forgot.



What did he conquer all of?

He conquered Sumer and Akkad.

What did he create when he did that? The world’s first what?

The world’s first empire.

What can you tell me about royal tombs in Ur?

Royal tombs had the dead kings buried with their servants.


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