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I love organizing things.

No, really! I do.

It’s the whole keeping them organized part that I’m terrible about.

Nevertheless, this is the system we’re starting out with. It has been a hit over at the Well Trained Mind Forums, and when the hive mind, as they call it, takes to something that hard, it’s best to sit up and pay attention. I’m trying to get better about listening to communal wisdom before I strike out on my own.

So I spent a lot of today ripping pages out of all our shiny new consumable books (Eep! Very hard for me. I am not a book ripper) and filing them in the appropriate weekly folder. So far I’ve got Marky’s math and Colin’s math, Latin and history all separated out and filed. I’m working on getting the science pages and supplies together. It’s been pretty exciting, not only because I like organizing, but because I’m getting a pretty detailed overview of what to expect. First grade is fun! The prospect of sharing all these goodies with Colin and Marky is pleasant indeed.

The Home School Dungeon

So first things first.

Last year, when we did kindergarten stuff for Colin and pre-K for Marky, the kitchen table sufficed, albeit messily. Our stash of supplies and curriculum is growing, though, and I already need all my kitchen space for…kitchen stuff. So we are planning to turn our basement– heretofore a sort of a catch-all room– into a home school room.

Here are a couple of before pictures:

The top one is the view as you come down the stairs; the bottom is the view from the bottom of the stairs as you turn around.

I can turn that into a tidy, organized, somewhat attractive workspace before August 29, right?

We have already freecycled a bunch of stuff out of there, and we are planning to do more. The etagere with the board games on it is going up to the sewing room/guest room to hold the sewing supplies which currently live in a pile on the guest bed. The TV (not ours! we borrowed it when my parents visited last time) is going away, as is the silver cabinet with the glass doors. The brown cabinet by the window used to hold our TV before we got rid of it; it is going to move up to our bedroom and have a curtain rod put into it to become a wardrobe.

My fantasy is for that wall perpendicular to the window to be filled floor to ceiling with Expedit. Oh, Expedit, how I heart you.

Of course stuff has to happen all around the house for the basement thing to work. For the wardrobe to fit in our bedroom, we need to shift our bed so the head is under our bedroom windows, so the noisy old blinds had to come down and curtains are going up. For the floor to open up in the basement, boxes of china will have to be moved upstairs to the cabinet in the kitchen currently holding home school stuff, so that will have to be thrown into a tub and dwell in some interim location, etc., etc.

As my father-in-law says, “You can never just do anything; you always have to do something else first.”

But we’ll keep plugging away, with updates for your entertainment, or something, along the way.